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Here you will find guidance and resources to successfully lead your giving program 
to support the mission and general operation of your community of faith 
and the work of the Mission & Service of the United Church of Canada


Wondering what Called to Be the Church is all about?

Take a look at these brief promotional videos and then look at the resources below.

(Click on the photo above to view, or download here)

(Click on the photo above to view, or download here)

2020 FULL KIT 


ARTWORK - for use in your online and printed materials - to come 

REGISTER for Loving Our Neighbours
  • Please register your congregation's decision to use this innovative program. An online 

    confidential registration with a few brief questions will take only a few minutes to complete. 
  • To thank you for registering, your congregation will receive 25 thank-you cards to use to recognize generosity in your community, including instructions for ordering or printing more. 
  • Worth it for all of us! This program has proven its worth and effectiveness in congregations across Canada. Your registration for this year's update will help the Church continue to develop, support and improve the program even more. 

  • If you have questions about registration, 
  • To register now, click here »
VIDEOS - for showing at worship and learning events
  • To run the video from the internet, click on the "View here" link to open your selected video. The video will start automatically.
  • To save the video and replay it later without using the internet, click on the "Download here" link, and then either right-click on the screen, and then click on "Save video as," 

    • Called to Be the Church 2019: Video Quick Start Guide - Use this with your Giving Team as a brief orientation to the three fundamental practices of the giving program – Inspire, Invite, Thank. 
      view here » / download here » 
    • Loving Our Neighbours sermon videos Videos of Licensed Lay Worship Leader Joy Bott preaching five sermons by Dave Jagger from the Loving Your Neighbours Lent program. 
    • The Community Meal - An enthusiastic encouragement to host a community meal to inspire people about your ministry and to invite them to continue to support God’s mission. view here » / download here » 
    • Living Our Mission Locally with Jordan Cantwell - Encouragement to share the story of your ministry. 
      view here » / download here »
    • Timid about inviting people to give? Start with this Saying Thank You video from the young people of the Uganda Martyrs Youth Group. view here » / download here » 
    • Enjoy the new Mission & Service video featuring "Our Generation" by Strange Situations--and then share it as widely as possible. Click here to open the video on The United Church of Canada's YouTube channel. For a downloadable video and helpful tips, click here.

Rated as the most popular Mission & Service resource, Minutes for Mission are designed for reading during Sunday worship, personal, devotions, in workshops, and in programs. Download the Minutes for Mission stories and share our church’s Mission and Service stories as a congregation. Weekly readings describe how gifts are used to support partners and ministries in Canada and around the world. 

  • for Pentecost-Christmas: May 31, 2019 - January 3, 2021 (Year A/B) see here 
  • for Advent-Pentecost: December 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020 (Year A) - see here 
  • to come

    • CanadaHelps: What Every United Church Congregation NEEDS to Know - CanadaHelps has created an account for every Canadian registered charity--including United Church congregations. We've created a brochure that walks you through activating your account and some ideas for how to use it. view / download pdf  »

      •  Three documents formatted as 8.5 x 11" pdfs for easy congregational distribution by website, emailing or printing:  
      • Launching a Legacy Giving Program in Your Congregation 
        The potential of planned giving for your congregation is significant. One survey indicated that 32 percent,
        or one-third, of United Church people would consider including the church in their estate plans if asked. 
        This resource can help you establish a planned giving program in your congregation and manage that program successfully. (52-page pdf) 
         view / download pdf  » 
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