WORSHIP: Stewardship Seconds
  • Stewardship Seconds: Quick thoughts drawing stewardship themes from Sunday bible readings.
    • Year A/B November 2020 - PDF or Word
    • Year B December 2020 - PDF or Word
WORSHIP: Offering Invitations and Prayers
  • Offering Invitations and Prayers

WORSHIP: Mission & Service
  • Mission & Service themed worship services - see here »  
  • 90th Anniversary resources-  we have prepared three new Mission & Service themed worship services reflecting on with sermons for your use through Easter and Pentecost seasons and beyond.
    • We Are the Church: Honouring the 90th Anniversary of The United Church of Canada - view/download here »
    • 90 Years of Generosity:  a 2-page slideshow marking $1.2 billion in gifts to Mission & Service over 90 years (1.9 MB pptx) - view/download here »
    • Additional 90th Anniversary resources  - service texts, hymns, prayers - see here » /  also here » / excellent 60-page history timeline slideshow by Toronto Conference (10MB pptx)  download here »
    • God-Colours, Living with Respect in Creation, Loving and Serving Others - view/download here »
    • We are Called to be the Church, an intergenerational service - view/download here »
    • More Mission & Service themed worship services here »

WORSHIP: Congregational Stewardship
  • NEW! Easter Greeting 
    Does your church have people coming for Easter services who are annual visitors or people coming for the first time to find out what Easter is really about? With a larger than usual attendance at church it would seem to be a good time to tell everyone about your ministry done in the name of the risen Jesus, including an invitation to join in that mission with time, talent and treasure.
    view / download here »

  • Offering as Worship: What Gifts Do We Bring? 17 Ideas for Offering Time
    - view / download .doc here »

  • Our Stewardship Opening Prayer – Opening Worship
    view / download .docx here »

  • Why Do We Give?  – Worship for a Small Group by Jane Harding and Pam Harrison. Some of the elements are also appropriate as part of a stewardship Sunday worship service view / download .docx here »

  • Sunday by Sunday: Reflections on Stewardship – based on the RCL gospels, years ABC / Resources for Mission of the General Synod, Anglican Church of Canada - view / download .docx here »

  • Offering Plate Secrets: United Church Observer article by Christopher White 
    Do you think a minister should know the full financial details of a congregation, including information on donors and what they give? - view / download .pdf here »

  • Three Stewardship Prayers - plus a doxology and a night prayer - view / download pdf here »

  • Each One Ask One - A Chancel Drama by Graeme Carruth - in 3 scenes: at the beginning of the service, following the talk with children or passing of the peace;  following the final hymn, before the Benediction - view / download pdf here » /  Also: for Each One Ask One brochure, see Mission & Service page here »

  • Mission & Service - In Loving Partnership - a worship service with Gathering, Word, Response, plus hymn and homily notes - by Hans van Nie, Trinity-St. Paul's United Church, Toronto - published in Mandate, August 2013 - view / download pdf here »

  • Paper Bag Communion - An idea and blessing from the Transforming Life Event for your congregations and groups to use this summer: This style of communion happens at the closing worship of the annual Greenbelt Festival, a Christian music and arts festival held every August in the UK, where thousands of people participate! Last summer, Moderator Gary and over 100 United Church folk attended Greenbelt and inspired by our experience we too shared this style of communion at the closing of our Transforming Life event on May 10, 2014 in Vancouver.  This way of sharing the sacred meal is an alternative for you to try.  It’s casual, meaningful and easy to organize. PDF contains instructions for your own "Paper Bag Communion" - view / download pdf here »

WORSHIP: Legacy Giving

WORSHIP: White Gift Sunday
  • The Magic of the Magi – The Power of Our Gifts 
    the stewardship theme text of a drama "stewardship skit" -  McClure United Church, Edmonton view / download .doc here »
  • The First Silent Night: A Play for White Gift Sunday 
    a resource by DeeAnn Sagar,  Kingston Road United in Toronto. 
    This play appeared in Seeds & Sowers Children, Vol. 24, 2005
    view / download .doc here »
  • Have You Seen Jesus? : A White Gift Drama
  • a play by Bill Steadman/adapted by Trudee Romanek
    view / download .doc here »
  • Jesus in a World of Homelessness 
    A play by Bill Steadman St. Andrew’s United Church,  Sudbury, Ontario view / download .doc here »
  • Moving with Jesus: A White Gift Drama 
    Words and music by Bill Steadman 2006 view / download .doc here »
  • Pink Gift Sunday: “Joy” – 3rd Sunday in Advent
    text of a service with approach, confession, hymns, dramatic reading, responses, prayers - by Rev. Kevin Little at St. Luke’s United Church in Upper Tantalon, N.S.view / download .doc here »
  • The Lady in the Box - a White Gift Drama
    adapted by Andrew Richardson from a story by Ann McGovern view / download .doc here »

WORSHIP: Children & Youth
  • Take Out Church - a kit to take with you on your travels! Contained within the kit is a Flat Jesus for you to print and colour. Take Flat Jesus with you, take a picture of where you go and post it on the God’s Mission, Our Gifts Facebook page. There is a prayer to accompany your favourite multi-coloured candy, a beach ball gratitude activity and much more! As you journey, take the church with you! [PDF: 2 pp/234 KB] view / download here »
  • KICKSTART programs for Children and Youth - articles featured in Mandate magazine
    • Making Sense of Mission & Service This outline for a two-hour program uses the five senses to help children understand what Mission & Service is, why it's important, and what they can do to help. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2011. [PDF: 4 pp/701 KB] [children and youth] view / download .doc here »
  • Our Daily Gifts  A Practice of Gratitude, A Lesson in Stewardship....  
    Our Daily Gifts
    •  a contemplative prayer practice in the form of a story that offers a framework for children to observe the gifts they have received that day and to name them in the community of their church-school classroom, or worship or youth group.
    • Our Daily Gifts can also be readily adapted for all age groups and multigenerational settings—including retreats, Advent practice or Lenten series.  
       view / download (.pdf)  » 
  • The Price Is Right - a Mission & Service Retreat for youth - by Kerrie Perry, Program Minister for Community and Connection, Northern Waters Presbytery and Audrey Brown, Minister, Midhurst United Church view / download .doc here »
  • Children's Stewardship Bulletins  - for the Seasons of Lent and Easter, plus Pentecost Sunday, Lectionary Year B
    "My Own Special Bulletin" with illustrations by J.K Morris Designs - view / download .doc here » 
  • Lenten Calendar (Bay of Quinte Conference) - view download docx »  / view download pdf »

Stewardship Worship Resources for Sundays in Lent, Easter, Ascension up to Day of Pentecost – Year C Lectionary - view / download .doc here »