WHY I GIVE for the Mission & Service of the United Church
Materials based on "Why I Give" pages from The United Church Observer in formats for use by your congregation offer prayerful, practical tips and mini-workshop ideas for feeding the soul and enriching our stewardship approaches.

Full colour slideshows are ready to use in worship interludes or as inspiration at meetings or learning events in your congregation. 

Print-ready posters are reformatted for letter-size (8.5 x 11 pdf) copying as newsletters or for bulletin boards, handouts, etc. Each page stands alone as an individual prayer and reflection resource, also suitable for devotion or learning at a congregational event.

Please e-mail us to share your success with these pages.  

PLEASE NOTE - some online views 
of PDFs and PowerPoints rendered by Google Drive are not exactly the same as the actual downloaded files will be.
  • WHY I GIVE - Kathryn Moffat (November 2018)

  • WHY I GIVE - Kathy Yamashita (July-August 2018)

  • WHY I GIVE - Katie Kelly (June 2018)

    • WHY WE GIVE - Andrew and Jenny O'Neill  (November 2017)

    • WHY I GIVE - Dennis and Beth Johnson
        (May 2017)

    • WHY I GIVE - Marilyn Rodger
       (March 2017)

    • WHY I GIVE - Melodie Mui
        (January 2017)

    • WHY I GIVE - Nicole Beaudry
        (November 2016)

    • WHY I GIVE - Sally Meyer
        (May 2016)

    • WHY WE GIVE - Ronald Peden
      (February 2016)

    • WHY I GIVE - 
      Mission & Service Supporting Syrian Refugees (January 2016)

    • WHY I GIVE - 
      Marion Best,  Past Moderator  (June 2015)

    • WHY I GIVE - Meg Grieve, Parkminster United Church, Waterloo, Ontario (February 2015)

    •  WHY WE GIVE - Dexter Van Dyke, Okie Van Tol, Barb Dornan, and Dwaine Dornan  (January 2015)

    • WHY I GIVE - Elizabeth Brown, Trinity United Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba (December 2014) 

    • WHY I GIVE - 
      Eleanor Geib, Westworth United Church, Saskatchewan (November 2014)

    • WHY I GIVE - Brenda Watt, Crossfield United Church, Alberta (October 2014) 

    • WHY I GIVE - Ellinor Townend, founder of Kananaskis Stewardship Event 
      (September 2014)

    • WHY I GIVE - Hazel Arbon, St Andrew's United, Indian Head, SK
      (December 2013)

    • WHY I GIVE
       - Judy Johnson, Trinity United, Port Coquitlam, BC 
      (November 2013)

    • WHY I GIVE - Pam Harrison Trinity United, River Hebert, NS
      (October 2013)

    • Make 
      Mission & Service Part of Your Summer Re-creation Plan (July-August 2013)

    • WHY I GIVE - The Rev. Glen Eagle, Churchill-Gilford Pastoral Charge, Ontario
       (July-August 2013)

    • Gary Paterson: Prayerful Thanks for your Mission & Service Support (April 2013)

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