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  • What is Christian Stewardship? here »
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  • Donor Care 101 for Faith Communities   view / download (.docx)  » 
  •      4 strategies to cultivate better relationships with your donors  

  • Gratitude Sunday: New Hope United Church   link »
          A thank you ministry via a YouTube channel

  • Stewardship of your Donors    view / download (.pdf)  »  
         5 followup strategies for growing relationship and continued loyalty ...

  • Motherhood and Apple Pie - Making Time for Donor Stewardship   view / download (.docx)  »    
         Receiving a thank you and being shown how their gift has furthered your mission
         are the two things donors want most ... 

  • Giving Thanks, Saying Thanks   view / download (.doc)  »    
         Saying thanks is more than just courtesy. It is both good stewardship and good fundraising practice ...

  • Our Daily Gifts
    Our Daily Gifts  
     A Practice of Gratitude, A Lesson in Stewardship....  
    •  a contemplative prayer practice in the form of a story that offers a framework for children to observe the gifts they have received that day and to name them in the community of their church-school classroom, or worship or youth group.
    • Our Daily Gifts can also be readily adapted for all age groups and multigenerational settings—including retreats, Advent practice or Lenten series.  
       view / download (.pdf)  » 

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