Stewardship CPR
STEWARDSHIP CPR: Resources from the Webinar 
(January/February 2014)
Webinar hosted by Chris Levan with theologian John Dominic Crossan. Introduction and  webinar video below, additional materials, ppt, videos.


Want to grow generosity in your congregation? Join the Rev. Chris Levan and theologian John Dominic Crossan for an online seminar designed to get your church off life support and back to vitality. (February 2014)

Preliminary conversation with congregational leaders prior to the Stewardship CPR Webinars for congregations
  1. PowerPoint Presentation: "Let's Have Coffee"  - view/ download as pdf  format / pptx format
  2. "All Expenses Paid 30 Years Ago" - external link

  3. Chris' "Wonder Story" - External web link »
  4. Questions and Wonder Stories – from participants -  view/download pdf here » | view/download docx here » 

STEWARDSHIP CPR – Webinar hosted by Chris Levan 
In this "Stewardship CPR" webinar, Chris Levan and theologian John Dominic Crossan will share their experience and insight for you to apply in your setting. The growth of communities of generosity requires the application of some simple and reliable tools. This seminar will: 
  1. Introduce you to the “vital signs” church leaders need to watch for in growing healthy generosity. 
  2. Dispel the myth of “last-one-out-turn-off-the-lights” thinking and acting. 
  3. Examine and help small congregational groups to apply four stewardship “CPR” tools: Taking the “wonder” pulse, getting vital signs, making a case, doing the “ask.”
  4. Explore generosity in the context of the early Christian community and our prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread.”
  5. Offer local communities a few hands-on exercises to continue the “CPR” learning in the context of each specific congregation.

Stewardship CPR PowerPoint (as PDF)
An online recording of the webinar sessions (just watch, no longer interactive) - see here »

  1. POWERPOINT Presentation - from the Wednesday evening session (5 Feb 2014) - view/download pdf here »  | - view/download pptx here »

  2. BOOK: Registration Package included a copy of Thanks Giving by Christopher Levan. Book Review "Money Talks (have you been listening?) Stewardship means we choose life in the image of God" (Presbyterian Record) here »  /  To order, see here (United Church Resource Distribution) »

    Recordings of two interviews with John Dominic Crossan  will be posted as soon as available.

  4. VIDEOS 
Ask yourself :
      • Where does gifting originate? 
      • What inspires it?
      • How does it work?

    • Street Compliments
      • Watch the video - external link here »
      • Turn to neighbour
      • Do the same things you saw in the video…offer a compliment 
      • (receive it without comment)…enjoy
      • Then return the favour

    • The Church Saved Me  (4 videos) - an auto playlist of all 4 videos here »