14% in 14 - An opportunity for 14 congregations to participate in an in-depth and tailor-made Stewardship Program. The goal for the program was to increase total giving to the congregation and Mission & Service by 14% in 2014. 

This custom-designed program was  labour intensive with the potential for big benefit. Chris Levan,  joined by other leaders in the field as well as members of the Philanthropy Unit Team, offered direct close-contact expertise to the participating congregations. 

In addition, colleague congregations provided mutual, unbiased and compassionate support. This particular program was conducted beginning in February, 2014.

Sample of case preparations by congregation in order to participate:

  •  ‘It is not that the church of God has a mission in the world, but that the God of mission has a  church in the world.’ Write 250 words in response to this statement on how your congregation is contributing to God’s greater mission.
  • What are the three most compelling reasons why your congregations should be chosen for this opportunity?
  • Where would you anticipate the 14% growth will come from; where is the potential?
  • Share at least two wonder stories from members of your community.
  • Names and email contact for the leaders (minimum of 6) who will participate:  Ministerial leadership / Two from your governing body / At least, but not limited to, 3 others
  • View the sample information and application form   here »  

An Example of Success

Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo Ontario has kindly offered to share the materials they produced as part of their campaign. This letter describes their results:

Hi Susan, Chris and Stephen,

I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the webinar series that you ran in the spring.  

We have just wrapped up our 20-14 Campaign and raised $39,739!  The goal of the "20-14" campaign was to raise $20k for our newly created downtown mission called the Waterloo Wayside Centre PLUS increase General Fund givings by 14%.  We met our $20k goal for the Waterloo Wayside Centre and received cheques and pledges for increasing General Fund givings by 10.9%.  Over the course of the campaign, we conducted over 75 visits with the help of 18 volunteer canvassers.

None of this would have been possible without your hard work and leadership in delivering the 14% in 14 webinar series. Feel free to share any of the documents from the information kit that we developed for our campaign. 

Dave Petro, Emmanuel United Church

Emmanuel United Church "14% in 14" Sample Materials

  • EUC Cover Letter (pdf) - here »
  • EUC Campaign brochure (pdf) - here »
  • EUC Wayside brochure (mission project in campaign) (pdf) - here »
  • EUC Campaign Donation Form (pdf) - here »
  • EUC Congregation Assessment Survey (pdf) - here »
  • EUC Par Change Form (pdf) - here »

  • Visit Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo, Ontario - website »

Questions and enquiries: Contact the Philanthropy Unit

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