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A narrative budget is a remarkable communications tool to help your congregation understand the significance of their financial gifts, and the ways in which God is changing lives through the mission of your church.
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  • What is A Narrative Budget?
     ... sometimes called a Ministry-Based Budget. Either way it is a representation of 
    the line item budget in simple, easy-to-read descriptive terms (1 page)  - view / download  (.pdf) »

  • Telling the story of your ministry - 
    Ministry-Based Budget or Narrative Budget Resources - 5 steps to writing, sample allocation chart, sample description of worship budget,  considerations as you plan, sample charts, Q&A:  prepared by UCC (22pp) -  view  / download (.doc) »  |  
    view  / download (.pdf) » 

  • Narrative Budgets - Telling the story of your ministry - 
    Slideshow of Narrative Budget Webinar broadcast 20 April 2015 (20pp) - prayers, movie clip, discussion topics, Sharing the story: looking at more detail, benefits -  
    view  / download (.ppt) » 

NARRATIVE BUDGETS: Video and Webinar
  • (AD) CGAs see more than numbers: they see the impact and opportunities behind them 
    1. View YouTube video here »   

  • Narrative Budget Town Hall Meetings / Webinar
    1. Using a Narrative Budget to Communicate Mission
      Narrative Budget Webinar with Stephen Fetter and Susan Graham Walker (recorded 8 May 2013)
      -  view  here (Adobe Connects) »  

    2. Narrative Budget Webinar hosted by Stephen Fetter
      with presenters the Rev'd Glen Stoudt and Susan Graham Walker (recorded 6 November 2013)
      Telling the Story of Your Ministry
      -  view  here (Adobe Connects) »  

NARRATIVE BUDGETS: Samples from Congregations
  • Crestview United Church, Winnipeg, MB - ... "This is our narrative budget...the story of who we are...and rather than focus on how MUCH money we raise or require, we share the story of what we DO with what is given."  (2016: 4pp)  - view / download (.pdf)  »

  • Hillhurst United Church,
    Calgary, AB - 
    ... "The financial gifts we receive are strategically invested in four key action areas that help us grow our values in the world: Growing, Worshipping, Connecting, Caring ..."  (2015: 4pp)
      - view / download (.pdf)  »
  • St James United Church, Waterdown ON - Soul Food Campaign 2014 - "Every budget tells a story; who we are, what we value, what our priorities are. A budget is also a theological statement; reflecting our understanding of what it means to be the church, our beliefs about God, and our commitment to steward-ship and the Gospel." ...  (4pp)  - view / download (.pdf)  »
  • Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, ON – Used with Permission

  • Drayton Valley United Church 
    - 2014-2015 Narrative Budget - "
    Reflecting on our narrative budget helps us paint a picture of how we as a community of believers are living our faith and the giving that is needed to translate God’s mission into action."  (7pp)
      - view / download (.pdf)  » [ignore DropBox request to join and click it closed. We apologize for a temporary file access inconvenience]

  • Eglinton St. George's, Torontotransform a line by line budget of revenue and expenses for the year into a graphic image of the ministry and mission of the congregation (2pp)  - view / download (.pdf)  »

  • North York Harvest Food Bank  - graphic image  (1 page)  - view / download (.pdf)  »

  • Does your congregation have a narrative budget example to share with the wider church?  Email the General Council Philanthropy Unit -