• Sunday 3 of Called to Be the Church focuses on Mission & Service. 
  • 90th Anniversary resources - We have prepared three new Mission & Service themed worship services
    reflecting on the 90th Anniversary celebrations with sermons for your use through Easter and Pentecost
    seasons and beyond.

    • 90 Years of Generosity:  a 2-page slideshow marking $1.2 billion in gifts to Mission & Service over 90 years (1.9 MB pptx) - view/download here »
    • Additional 90th Anniversary resources  - service texts, hymns, prayers - see here »  /  also here » / excellent 60-page history timeline slideshow by Toronto Conference (10MB pptx)  download here »
    • We are Called to be the Church, an intergenerational service - view/download here »

  • More Mission & Service
     themed worship services here »
  • Goal setting resource – A guide for prayer and discernment  of our goal for congregational Mission & Service giving  view / download pdf here »

  • A complete Mission & Service-themed Worship Service, including a sermon and additional prayers. This service, developed by the Rev. Dr. Bill Steadman of Toronto (with musical and liturgical ideas from Kathleen King Martin, Music Director of First United Church, Waterloo) is meant to be sufficient for ministry personnel, a Mission and Service Enthusiast,  or guest worship leader to implement within your congregation.  View / download .doc here »

  • Mission & Service - In Loving Partnership - a worship service with Gathering, Word, Response, plus hymn and homily notes - by Hans van Nie, Trinity-St. Paul's United Church, Toronto - published in Mandate, August 2013 - view / download pdf here »

  • The Treasure of the Ordinary - an Mission & Service-themed worship service by Don Parsons - "Often the smallest things have changed the world..." Published in Mandate, August 2012 view / download pdf here »

  • Believe It! God's Riches Are Here - A WDR Worship Service 
  • God has given us all we need to live. However, these riches are divided up unevenly. If we each make thoughtful choices there will be abundance for all God's people.  [PDF: 10 pp/43 KB] - view / download .pdf here »

  • Building Our House: A Mission and Service Worship Outline  - This complete worship outline includes a short drama and can be used for a Mission and Service service any time during the year. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2011 issue  [PDF: 2 pp/554 KB] view / download .pdf here »

  • Celebrating God's Great Work  - In this Mission & Service worship service, faith, hope, and love are three key concepts undergirding our collective commitment to the Mission & Service Fund. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2010 issue  [PDF: 3 pp/115 KB] view / download .pdf here »

  • Colour Your World with Mission & Service  - As the rainbow is a sign of God's hope for the world, the Mission & Service Fund is a sign of hope for the world. This worship service includes ideas for Children's Time and Sunday school [RTF: 8 pp/137 KB  view / download .rtf here »

  • God-Colours, Living with Respect in Creation, Loving and Serving Others - view/download here »

  • A Mission & Service Response Commitment Service 
    Use this worship service for a  Mission & Service Sunday or when you are committing to you annual Mission & Service goal.  [RTF: 8 pp/96 KB] view / download .rtf here »

  • A Mission & Service Worship Service - To use when your congregation's Mission & Service Fund goal is being dedicated, or for any Mission & Service Sunday.  [pdf: 7 pp/45 KB] view / download .pdf here »

  • Making Sense of Mission and Service This outline for a two-hour program uses the five senses to help children understand what Mission and Service is, why it's important, and what they can do to help. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2011. [PDF: 4 pp/701 KB] [children and youth] view / download .pdf here »

  • More than Aid: A WDR Worship Service  - The theme, "More than Aid," looks at how, through partners, we help people around the world both in times of crisis and over the long term [World Development and Relief 2011 / PDF: 8 pp/78 KB] view / download .pdf  here »

  • We Are the Church: Honouring the 90th Anniversary of The United Church of Canada - view/download here »

  • What Is the Mission & Service Fund?  - 
    A worship service with drama by Adam Kilner. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2014 . [PDF: 3 pp/96 KB]  view / download .pdf here »

  • Lenten Kindness CalendarMission & Service Stewardship Lenten Kindness Calendar - see here »

 Letter-size sheets (8.5 x 11) with 2 halves/panels per page (8.5 x 5.5 each)
  • Complete list of posters, bulletins and inserts here »