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"Let Your Whole Life Speak" by rEvolve
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Take a few minutes to be inspired by our previous Moderator, Gary Paterson,
 about the work of our church in his video message. 

Then share it as widely as possible. 
All four videos are also available on DVD - mail request to ms@united-church.ca

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Call to Action: Full Version
Call to Action: Do Justice
 Call to Action 2014
(full version: 16:43)  - link »
 Call to Action: Do Justice
(Part 1 - 5:38) - link »

Call to Action: Love Kindness
Call to Action: Walk humbly
 Call to Action:  Love Kindness 
(Part 2 - 6:13) - link »
 Call to Action: Walk Humbly
 (Part 3 - 5:42) - link »

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  • EACH ONE ASK ONE  ideas for setting your campaign goals and objectives
    • Each One Ask One - A Leadership Opportunity : setting your goal, speaking points, asking, thanking - view / download as 4 pp letter size pdf  here »   (revised September 2015)
    • Each One Ask One - A Chancel Drama by Graeme Carruth - in 3 scenes: at the beginning of the service, following the talk with children or passing of the peace;  following the final hymn, before the Benedcition - view / download pdf here »

    Position Description
    : a guide for your Mission & Service leadership team (revised September 2015) - view / download here »

  • YOUR MISSION & SERVICE ANNUAL PLAN for inspiring Asking, and Thanking
    • New revised! A guide for planning your Mission & Service giving program ... Your congregation's Mission & Service leadership team can use this guide to help develop a comprehensive plan  view / download here » 
    • New A "fillable" pdf  version of the worksheet - enter information on your computer rather than by hand and circulate with the team via email attachment - no scanning! (still prints)  view/download here » 
    • See additional annual giving resources in Congregational Stewardship here »

  • YOUR MISSION & SERVICE RESOURCES AND MATERIALS CHECKLIST - Revised for 2015! A guide for planning and quick reference of resources for your Mission & Service giving program - view / download here »

  • THANK YOU POSTER - Your gifts for Mission & Service show compassion, build community, and offer hope - visual inspiration to display prominently - view / download here »

  • MANDATE MAGAZINE ARTICLES as individual pdfs - see here »

Mission & Service is us being compassionate together.
Mission & Service at a Glance 2015
Mission & Service at a Glance brings you the good news of God’s activity in the world made possible by Mission & Service.
  • View/download the 6-page colour pdf in English here »
  • View/download the 6-page colour pdf in French here »
  • View/download the 6-page colour pdf for Aboriginal ministries here »
  • See also About the Mission & Service Fund here » 
    • View/download Mission & Service at a Glance 2015 an 18-page PowerPoint presentation: (revised 20 Oct 2015)
      • PowerPoint screen resolution (5.4 MB) pptx here » 
        (includes presenter notes which will appear when you download the file) or 
      • PDF (2 MB) here » (slides only, no presenter notes)
      • Display this slideshow on the congregation's website to support your Mission & Service initiatives!  For the HTML code for your webmaster, view/download here ». The code is for the slideshow's pdf version, served from a free Slideshare account here »Slideshare uses HTML5, not Flash, so slideshow will display on iPad/iPod devices.

    MIssion and Service... did you know?

    A series of eleven 8.5 x 11" docx posters to support Mission & Service initiatives [Google Drive may not display preview as single page poster - but on download docx is single page with header]

    Did you know Mission & Service... 

    Mission & Service WORSHIP RESOURCES

       Rated as the most popular Mission & Service resource, 
      Minutes for Mission are designed for reading during Sunday worship. Available on Stewardship Toolkit: 
      2014 Minutes for Mission booklet for making black & white bulletin inserts, Raw Text, Photos, Videos, and UCRD - United Church Resource Distribution link: see here »

    • MISSION & SERVICE PLACEMATS You asked for them and now they're back! These 11" x 17" placemats say "Thank you, God. Amen" in many different languages and come in both colour and black and white versions. 
    • Colour version - view / download pdf here »
    • Black and white version - view / download pdf here »
    • Mission & Service - In Loving Partnership - a worship service with Gathering, Word, Response, plus hymn and homily notes - by Hans van Nie, Trinity-St. Paul's United Church, Toronto - published in Mandate, August 2013 - view / download pdf here »

    • The Treasure of the Ordinary - a Mission & Service-themed worship service by Don Parsons - "Often the smallest things have changed the world..." Published in Mandate, August 2012 view / download pdf here »

    • Building Our House: A Mission & Service Worship Outline  - This complete worship outline includes a short drama and can be used for a Mission & Service service any time during the year. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2011 issue  [PDF: 2 pp/554 KB] view / download .pdf here »

    • Celebrating God's Great Work  - In this Mission & Service worship service, faith, hope, and love are three key concepts undergirding our collective commitment to the Mission & Service Fund. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2010 issue  [PDF: 3 pp/115 KB] view / download .pdf here »

    • Making Sense of Mission & Service This outline for a two-hour program uses the five senses to help children understand what Mission & Service is, why it's important, and what they can do to help. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2011. [PDF: 4 pp/701 KB] [children and youth] view / download .pdf here »

    • What Is the Mission & Service Fund?  - A worship service with drama by Adam Kilner. Featured in Mandate magazine August 2014 . [PDF: 3 pp/96 KB]  view / download .pdf here »

    WHY I GIVE to the Mission & Service of the United Church
    Why I Give - Brenda Watt
    Full colour artwork for congregational newsletters & bulletin boards
    reformatted for letter-size (8.5 x 11) copying by congregations

    These "Why I Give" pages offer prayerful, practical tips and mini-workshop ideas for feeding the soul and enriching our stewardship approaches. Each page stands alone as an individual prayer and reflection resource, or is suitable for devotion or learning at a congregational event. Please e-mail Stewardship Services to share your success with these pages.  

    Complete list of available "Why I Give" posters  here »

    • Visit Mission & Service page at UCRDstore.ca here »