Rated as the most popular Mission & Service resource, Minutes for Mission are designed for reading during Sunday worship, personal, devotions, in workshops, and in programs. Download the Minutes for Mission stories and share our church’s Mission and Service stories as a congregation. Weekly readings describe how gifts are used to support partners and ministries in Canada and around the world. 

Minutes for Mission 2019 Booklet: Loving Our NeighboursDownload the PDF and Word versions  - text you can easily copy and paste for use in posters, bulletins, the congregation's website, etc. -  
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  • 2019 Videos - The United Church of Canada YouTube channel Minutes for Mission playlist features a set of Minutes for Mission videos - here » 
  • 2019 Photos - images can be previewed and downloaded individually from the Minutes for Mission 2017 album on The United Church of Canada Flickr website - here » 
  • 2019 Mission and Service Snippets:  We have short information pieces to enhance your Mission and Service program. They can be downloaded here.  

  • WAYS TO USE MINUTES FOR MISSION WITH CHILDREN It's not always easy to share Minutes for Mission with children during worship. We're offering you some ideas and tips that you might find useful. We encourage you to try just one idea found in this document, and who knows? You may find that you love this part of ministry! view / download here »