Congregational Giving Program - Loving Our Neighbours 2018-2019 
  • Resources related to the Loving Our Neighbours giving program will be posted here for viewing and/or download.

REGISTER for Loving Our Neighbours
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    confidential registration with a few brief questions will take only a few minutes to complete. 
  • To thank you for registering, your congregation will receive 25 thank-you cards to use to recognize generosity in your community, including instructions for ordering or printing more. 
  • Worth it for all of us! This program has proven its worth and effectiveness in congregations across Canada. Your registration for this year's update will help the Church continue to develop, support and improve the program even more. 
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FULL KIT - the 2018-2019 program as published and distributed to all congregations is also downloadable here:

ONLINE EXTRAS - material not available in the print version of the program is downloadable here:

VIDEOSfor showing at worship and learning events
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