PILLAR 3 - LEGACY GIVING - Best Practices

  • LEGACY GIVING program plans & resource materials  here »
    • Enduring Gifts "at a Glance"
    • Will Workbook
    • Launching a legacy program
    • Worship
      • Celebrating a bequest
      • bulletin inserts
      • bulletin cover
    • Congregation examples: 
      • Giving Circles 
      • Legacy card 
    • See here »

  • LEGACY GIVING communications here »
    • Legacy giving posters
    • Congregational brochure samples: planned giving
    • Marketing planned gifts
    • Brochures: various type of legacy gifts: "gift vehicles"
    • Narrative budget links
    • See here »

Faithful Legacies

Five deeply committed United Church people talk about the important of ensuring that The United Church of Canada is here for future generations. Join them and the church's Faithful Legacies campaign. 

View Faithful Legacies online via YouTube:  at the direct link to YouTube here  (instead of  the "embedded" version above), YouTube provides options (immediately below the video window) to share the link via social media and email. YouTube will also generate the code for your webmaster to embed the video on your website (same as above), and also here

View Faithful Legacies direct from your own computer: If you don't have broadband at the church/presentation location, or have restricted access for streaming the YouTube live at a meeting, download the entire file from the United Church DropBox here »  and play it from your desktop/projector instead of the web. NOTE!  LARGE FILE  (58 MB) may take significant time to download depending on your internet connection.