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BROWSE OUR GROWING ONLINE LIBRARY of stewardship resources developed for and by congregational and community leaders of The United Church of Canada and other denominationsposters, brochures, bulletin inserts, articles, narrative budget guides, webinars & videos, Mission & Service handouts, samples from other congregations, annual giving program booklets, preaching resources ...

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With thanks and blessings, Susan Graham Walker
Manager, Congregational Giving & Stewardship

  • NEW! Enjoy the new Mission & Service video featuring 
    "Our Generation" by Strange Situations--and then share it
    as widely as possible.
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  • NEW! Mission & Service at a Glance 2019
    Mission & Service at a Glance brings you the good news of God’s activity in the world made possible by Mission & Service. 

  • NEW! Review of 2018 Giving

    We give thanks for all gifts in 2018. We make great things happen through Mission & Service and through the ministry of our local church. Thank you for generous giving for Mission & Service that changes the world. View or download a review of 2018 Mission & Service giving here

  • NEW! Spiritual gifts inventories

Spring is a good time to focus on the gifts of the spirit. Some online spiritual gifts inventories can be found below:

    • for Pentecost-Advent: June 16 - November 24, 2019 (Year C) - see here »
    • for Epiphany-Pentecost: January 6 - June 9, 2019 (Year C) - see here »
    • for earlier Stewardship Seconds see here »

      • for Pentecost-Advent: June 16 - November 24, 2019 (Year C) - see here »
      • for Epiphany - Pentecost: January 6 - June 9, 2019 (Year C) see here »
      • for Pentecost - Christmas: May 27 - December 30, 2018 (Year B/C) see here »
      • for earlier offering invitations and prayers see here »

    • NEW! Help for the summer slump
    Before people in your congregation begin to leave for summer vacation, take a look at these ideas for avoiding the "summer slump."

      • Rated as the most popular Mission & Service resource, Minutes for Mission are designed for reading during Sunday worship, personal, devotions, in workshops, and in programs. Weekly readings describe how gifts are used to support partners and ministries in Canada and around the world. 
        • View and download Minutes for Mission 2019--including English and French Minutes as well as snippets, photos, and videos-- here »
        • Looking for the 2019 Minutes for Mission DVD? The 2019 Minutes for Mission videos are available on a USB key, which works with almost all laptop and desktop computers—no DVD drive needed. For more information or to request a USB key, contact Ruth Noble by email at rnoble@united-church.ca or by phone at 1-800-268-3781, ext. 3037. 

        • Promotional video for Called to be the Church: Loving Our Neighbours
        Are you wondering if the Called to Be the Church: Loving Our Neighbours giving program is a good fit for your congregation? This video is your answer! 
          • To view the video on YouTube, click here »    
          • To download the video, click here » -- then right click and select "Save Video As." (Download coming soon)

        • CanadaHelps: What Every United Church Congregation NEEDS to Know - CanadaHelps has created an account for every Canadian registered charity--including United Church congregations. We've created a brochure that walks you through activating your account and some ideas for how to use it. view / download pdf  »

        • Launching a Legacy Giving Program in Your Congregation 
          The potential of planned giving for your congregation is significant. One survey indicated that 32 percent, or one-third, of United Church people would consider including the church in their estate plans if asked. This resource can help you establish a planned giving program in your congregation and manage that program successfully. (52-page pdf) 
          -  view / download pdf  »  

          • Take Out Church - a kit to take with you on your travels! 
            Contained within the kit is a Flat Jesus for you to print and colour. Take Flat Jesus with you, take a picture of where you go, and post it on the God’s Mission, Our Gifts Facebook page. There is a prayer to accompany your favourite multi-coloured candy, a beach ball gratitude activity and much more! As you journey, take the church with you! 
            [PDF: 2 pp/234 KB]
             view / download here »

          • Ways to Use Minutes for Mission with Children 
            It's not always easy to share Minutes for Mission with children during worship. We're offering you some ideas and tips that you might find useful. We encourage you to try just one idea found in this document, and who knows? You may find that you love this part of ministry!
             view / download here »
          • Mission & Service Spiritual Practices
            Spiritual practices have become a part of daily life. Pilgrimage is a spiritual practice of journeying. With that in mind we offer a spiritual practice where participants journey through six stations representing the six sections or program areas of Mission & Service (see Mission & Service at a Glance).  
            The Mission & Service Spiritual Practice invites inner reflection and an outer spiritual practice expression or action. The result will be a deepened encounter with Mission & Service. 
            • Download the Spiritual Practices Worship Service here »

            • Download the Spiritual Practices Workbook here »

            • Download the Spiritual Practices Journal here »

          • "THE NEXT 1100 DAYS" -  Knox United Church in Calgary has envisioned a new way for the congregation to create and organize its worship around the missio Dei (mission of God). This booklet sets out their journey over "The Next 1100 Days." view / download here 

          • Run or Walk for Mission & Service! Are you a runner or a power walker? Would you like to raise awareness and funds for Mission & Service? Why not sign up for one of the many Scotiabank Marathons across the country and declare that you are running/walking for Mission & Service? Join those across the country who are already making a difference! More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

            • MISSION & SERVICE PLACEMATS - You asked for them and now they're back! These 11" x 17" placemats say "Thank you, God. Amen" in many different languages. 
              Colour version - view / download here   Black and white version - view / download here

            • LEGACY GIVING
            •  Three documents formatted as 8.5 x 11" pdfs for easy congregational distribution by website, emailing or printing:  

            • BEHIND THESE DOORS

            Behind these doors (Jan 2015)   
            Behind these Doors (Feb 2015)  
            Behind these Doors (March 2015)

            These ads were produced by The Observer and the Philanthropy Unit in collaboration with the Church in Mission Unit. Download as letter-size colour posters (pdf) ready-to-print. Feel free to download and share!  Click the images to view/download.
            More: ready-to-print black & white  .docx files - flyers, bulletin inserts and raw text here »

            • FREE ACCESS TO EXCELLENT CONGREGATIONAL STEWARDSHIP PROGRAMS is just a click away, including free downloads of Ecumenical Stewardship Centre programs:
              • FOUND FAITHFUL: It is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy
              • ABUNDANT JOY: Overflowing Generosity (2 Corinthians 8:1-7)
              • SAINTS ALIVE!: Living Generously (1 Corinthians 16:1-4)
              • MORE THAN ENOUGH: To do all kinds of good things for others (2 Corinthians 9:6-9) 
              • VIEW and/or download the materials here 

            • GIFTED WRITERS  - Our team is always looking for gifted writers to work with us to develop learning and worship resources - sermon starters, offertory prayers etc. If this is you, or you can recommend someone - please connect with me. Susan Graham Walker - sgwalker@united-church.ca

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