1. Wrapped in God's Love
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    2. Wrapped  in God's Love: 
    3. Planting Seeds of Faith / Growing Generous Hearts 
           a stewardship response as congregations and families     
           celebrate transition times in children’s lives

    4. Teaching a Christian View of Money 
      by Barbara J. Fullerton & Mark L. Vincent   
           How can your church be deliberate in teaching about money issues from a Christian Perspective?
           an extensive 164-page  resource  (used with permission) ...  
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    5. Money Quiz - Are you ready to talk about money in your Church? 
       A Q&A multiple choice slideshow with a respectable dose of cheeky good humour 
       - View/download (pptx) here »  / Online view of slideshow below (v2 revised August 2014) with thanks to The United Church of Christ. Used and adapted with permission. Written by Rev’d Lillian Daniel &  Rev’d Martin B. Copenhaver

      Money Quiz PowerPoint

    6. Ministry of Money - exploring money and spirituality - Guidelines for Writing your Money Autobiography " the gifts of healing, insight and freedom which often come when in vulnerability and trust we acknowledge feelings, attitudes and experiences evoked by money (a 3-fold brochure)   - view / download pdf »
    7. Ministry in Changing Times 
      Maritime Conference (2006) by Barbara Fullerton
    8. UPDATED! Mission & Service Stewardship Lenten Kindness Calendar 2016

    9. Faith Formation at  
      Camp  Guiding principles for staff, directors, leaders,  chaplains, boards ...  
      •   - see  The United Church of Canada Handbooks download here  » 

    10. The 5 T's of Stewardship  
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    11. Faith and Money: Breaking the Silence
           A starting point for discussions about faith and money ...   
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    12. Money's godlike powers 
           Teaching Generosity in Congregational Life - group exercise guide ... 
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    13. Sharing your Story of Generosity  
           Helping us better hear God's call ...    view / download (.doc)  » 
    14. Discovering the Manna Principle
           16 of the 38 parables of Jesus relate to wealth or possessions ... 
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    15. Our Daily Gifts
      Our Daily Gifts  
      A Practice of Gratitude, A Lesson in Stewardship....  
      •  a contemplative prayer practice in the form of a story that offers a framework for children to observe the gifts they have received that day and to name them in the community of their church-school classroom, or worship or youth group.
      • Our Daily Gifts can also be readily adapted for all age groups and multigenerational settings—including retreats, Advent practice or Lenten series.  
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    16. A Lens of Generosity 
           A page of 6 Avery labels (5164)    view / download (.pdf)  »
    17. What is Christian Stewardship? - Islington United Church Confirmation class materials

    18. Share the Gift! 
       - Stewardship Board Game  for children and youth and their families aged 8 and up. It uses the theme created in the 2000 edition of Giving magazine published by the Ecumenical Stewardship Centre of which The United Church of Canada is a participant -  Islington United Church