Contributing to the Toolkit

Material shared by congregations

We know that many stewardship leaders have implemented, developed and adapted programs and resources to meet the needs of their local community. We offer a means of sharing effective and best practices with others. Those who use these shared materials in turn may further adapt them for particular circumstances. Indeed this in itself a stewardship exercise. 

By sharing resources, rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’, we are modelling good stewardship of our time and talents.  The Stewardship Toolkit will grow and develop as a resource bank to serve your needs as leaders in the United Church of Canada. This process has already begun.

An enormous Thank YOU! to all those who have already contributed samples of work to share with their colleagues across the country. Thank you on behalf of those who will be helped by your experience. This web site is indeed a United effort!

This page is a work in progress. For the moment, to share resources here, contact the Philanthropy Unit - see contact page here »