Tools to help to communicate your message and faith formation resources to encourage stewardship practices.

NARRATIVE BUDGETS -  Telling the Story of Your Ministry 
A narrative budget is a remarkable communications tool to help your congregation understand the significance of their financial gifts, and the ways in which God is changing lives through the mission of your church.
  • how it can change the ways you talk about finances in your church
  • how to create a narrative budget that's customized to your congregation
  • how to use this as a communications tool for stewardship campaigns, annual meetings, new members, and more  
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Stewardship posters from The United Church Observer as artwork for Sunday bulletin inserts, newsletters, websites & bulletin boards

Full colour artwork and simpler versions for photocopying of artwork featured in 
The United Church Observer, Think! Say! Do! pages. These offer prayerful, practical tips and mini-workshop ideas for feeding the soul and enriching our stewardship approaches. 

A selection of  "Think! Say! Do!" resources here »

WHY I GIVE Stewardship posters 
The United Church Observer ads reformatted as letter-size artwork
for congregational use as fliers, in newsletters & on bulletin boards
  • A selection of "Why I Give" posters  here »


  • A selection of stewardship education resources  here  »


The church building and offices may be closed for the holidays,
but our website is always open and ready to receive your generous gift! 

As you prepare to close and lock the church doors when all the church celebrations have taken place, remember that there may be some who are moved to make a last minute gift for God’s mission in your community between then and the end of 2016.

Send the copier on one last mission and have a sign printed saying, "Our church building and offices may be closed for the holiday...BUT our website is ALWAYS open and ready to receive your generous gift." We have two posters prepared for you: 

Be sure to add your web address or www.canadahelps.ca (a donation can be made to any congregation through this site).