Stewardship Resources for Young People
  • Our Daily Gifts
    Our Daily Gifts  
    A Practice of Gratitude, A Lesson in Stewardship....  
    •  a contemplative prayer practice in the form of a story that offers a framework for children to observe the gifts they have received that day and to name them in the community of their church-school classroom, or worship or youth group.
    • Our Daily Gifts can also be readily adapted for all age groups and multigenerational settings—including retreats, Advent practice or Lenten series.  
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  • The Price Is Right - a Mission & Service Retreat for youth - by Kerrie Perry, Program Minister for Community and Connection, Northern Waters Presbytery and Audrey Brown, Minister, Midhurst United Church view / download .doc here »

  • Children's Stewardship Bulletins  - for the Seasons of Lent and Easter, plus Pentecost Sunday, Lectionary Year B
    "My Own Special Bulletin" with illustrations by J.K Morris Designs - view / download .doc here »

  • Jesus in a World of Homelessness 
    A play by Bill Steadman St. Andrew’s United Church,  Sudbury, Ontario view / download .doc here »

  • What is Christian Stewardship? - Islington United Church Confirmation class materials

  • Share the Gift! 
     - A Stewardship Board Game for children and youth and their families (ages 8 and up). It uses the theme created in the 2000 edition of Giving magazine published by the Ecumenical Stewardship Centre of which The United Church of Canada is a participant -  Islington United Church

  • Faith Formation at Camp  Guiding principles for staff, directors, leaders,  chaplains, boards ...  
    •   - see  The United Church of Canada Handbooks download here  » 

WORSHIP: White Gift Sunday
  • The Magic of the Magi – The Power of Our Gifts 
    the stewardship theme text of a drama "stewardship skit" -  McClure United Church, Edmonton view / download .doc here »

  • The First Silent Night: A Play for White Gift Sunday 
    a resource by DeeAnn Sagar,  Kingston Road United in Toronto. 
    This play appeared in Seeds & Sowers Children, Vol. 24, 2005
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  • Have you seen Jesus? : A White Gift Drama
  • a play by Bill Steadman/adapted by Trudee Romanek
    view / download .doc here »

  • Moving with Jesus: A White Gift Drama 
    Words and music by Bill Steadman 2006 view / download .doc here »

  • Pink Gift Sunday: “Joy” – 3rd Sunday in Advent
    text of a service with approach, confession, hymns, dramatic reading, responses, prayers - by Rev. Kevin Little at St. Luke’s United Church in Upper Tantalon, N.S.view / download .doc here »

  • The Lady in the Box - a White Gift Drama
    adapted by Andrew Richardson from a story by Ann McGovern view / download .doc here »