Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who gave a few minutes of your time to complete our online survey on the United Church's new giving program, Called to Be the Church.

The results of the survey will be used to build future giving programs that include the tools and resources that YOU want. Our goal is to provide a service that will address your needs as effectively as possible and help your congregation achieve its financial stewardship goals.
Welcome to the new congregational giving and stewardship program
  • You asked for fresh, complete, and easy to use resources to lead and support congregational giving and stewardship by inspiring, asking, and thanking – and here they are.
  • Created for faith communities of all sizes to make your giving programs easy and effective:
    providing ideas, resources, training, learning, and worship materials in one place.
  • Everything related to the Called to Be the Church giving program will be posted here.
  • To be notified of Called to Be the Church updates on this page 

NEW VIDEO! The Called to Be the Church congregational giving program kit is getting rave reviews from congregations that have seen their givings rise and engagement increase. See how it can work for your church! 

There are two ways to view and share the video: 
Play YouTube video -- can be displayed from a live web connection. 
Download video to share with your congregation or group--when video opens, right-click and select "Save Video As."  (Use Firefox or Google Chrome browsers for downloading.)

Program GuidePlanning Tools
Called to Be the Church - Program Guide
  • CALLED TO BE THE CHURCH - Congregational Giving Program Guide  
    A colour version of the Program Guide (1MB pdf):  view / download here »
    A black and white version of the Program Guide (1MB pdf): view / download here »
  • The Program Guide was mailed to all congregations in July 2015

Here it is!
Resource Kit - Resources for Implementation
Additional resources - ongoing updates 

Ways to View the Videos
  • Click the share button (Bottom left of the YouTube window) for URL or social sharing options
  • Click the YouTube logo (bottom right of the YouTube window) to play direct from the YouTube channel
    (larger screen)
  • Click the rectangle icon (bottom right of YouTube window) to play full screen. Click escape key to leave full screen
  • For a list of links for 
    downloads of the original video files for in-house display direct from congregation's computers, 
    sharing / linking to live internet display / emailing  / embedding in the congregation's website, 

Called to Be the Church Videos for showing at worship and learning events - Sunday 1,3, 5 
  • Links to YouTube videos to enable display from live web connection 
    https://goo.gl/Li2yLT    https://goo.gl/SM5v1S  https://goo.gl/1ADZcA

  • Video file downloads to enable display from congregation's computer (if video begins to
    right click and choose "save video as..." to begin the download to your hard drive)
  •  http://goo.gl/stGEW6    http://ow.ly/SfEFQ  http://ow.ly/SfESR

Called to Be the Church Training Videos 
  • Links to YouTube videos to enable display from live web connection         
             https://goo.gl/xnl1G6   https://goo.gl/JTlDg6  https://goo.gl/WiW3Dx
            https://goo.gl/eJfWnv  https://goo.gl/okkgsY
  •  Video file downloads to enable display from congregation's computer (if video begins to play, right click and choose "save video as..." to begin the download to your hard drive)
            http://ow.ly/SfF7M  http://ow.ly/SfFrz  http://ow.ly/SfFFZ

            http://ow.ly/SfFVk  http://ow.ly/SfG9B

Why I Give - 
Why I Give - Marion Best
2 minute slide 
Perfect for worship or learning events 

Artwork & logos - additional resources
    • Font - The Called to Be the Church title font (BlackJack) is freeware - download it from FontSquirrel  » / FontSpace »
    • Artwork and logos relating to Called to Be the Church for use in bulletins, posters, mailings will be posted here.
    • Other stewardship-related artwork, logos, clip art - see here »
    Called to Be the Church
    Called to Be the Church (8" x 1.6") RGB 300 dpi jpg (411k) - here »
    Called to Be the Church  wordmark only (no UCC logo) RGB 150 dpi png - here »

    Inspire! Ask! Thank!
    Inspire! Ask! Thank! (8" x 2.75") RGB 300 dpi jpg (355k) - here »

    Called to Be the Church
    cover art
    (8.5" x 11") RGB 300 dpi jpg (6.3MB) - 
    here »

    Next Steps in Stewardship Education
    • Faithful Living