Thank you for your immediate and generous response for the people affected by the volcanic eruption in Guatemala.

As of September 25, 2018
$6,282 has been raised through your generosity.



Thank you for your immediate and generous response for the displaced Rohingya people.

As of September 25, 2018
 has been raised through your generosity.



Thank you for your immediate and generous response to
the series of hurricanes
which have had a
devastating impact on
several Caribbean countries.

As of September 25, 2018
$187,061 has been raised
through your generosity.



Thank you for your immediate and generous response to the crisis of extreme hunger in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia,
South Sudan, and Yemen.


2018                           $15,737
(as of September 25, 2018)

2017                        $730,805



Thank you for your generous and ongoing response to the refugee crisis in Syria.

The people of the United Church have already committed and raised nearly $9M in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. 
They have created more than 900 applications for which over $8M has been raised or pledged for sponsorship. 
In addition to this, the amount below has been donated to the church's Syrian emergency fund to provide assistance to Syrians living in refugee camps in the Middle East region.

We have surpassed
$1 million in donations since 2013 for the
Syrian emergency fund!


2018                        $ 18,435
2017                       $  16,095
2015                       $700,665
2013-14                 $218,793

Your donations to the Syrian appeal have been added to additional Mission & Service commitments to our partners (more than $400,000 to date).

online, by phone or by cheque
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For more information on 
The United Church of Canada's response to the crisis in Syria,
 see here »


2018 Weekly Givings Update
Mission & Service

Congregational Giving -  2018 

(as of November 12, 2018)

In 2018, our gifts for Mission & Service support 87 United Church global partners in 21 countries, including 10 international ecumenical organizations; community and justice work across Canada, including
63 community ministries, 36 chaplaincies, and 20 ecumenical and social movement organizations; theological and vocation of ministry support, including seven
theological schools and three education centres; faith formation and developing
lay leadership,  including dozens of Vision Fund grants for youth; support to all 13 Conferences and operating grants for 11 Conferences to support staff as they provide leadership and resources to presbyteries, ministry personnel, and local ministries; grants for 86 pastoral charges to support their mission and ministry; and grants for Healing Fund and Justice and Reconciliation work; and Embracing the Spirit grants, coaching, and mentorship to foster innovation.

Our gifts carry the presence of God with love and hope into the world. Thank you!

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National PAR Summary Reports - 2018 

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