2015 MISSION & SERVICE - Final Results 

We are grateful to the people of The United Church of Canada for their generous gifts for Mission & Service in 2015. The summary report can be found
here and we would like to highlight a few points: 
  • Mission & Service Annual Giving 2015 – Mission & Service annual giving from UCW, congregations and individuals totaled $24.99M, a decline of $0.67M from prior year, and the second lowest decline in 5 years. This giving was supported by a continuation of the "Each One Ask One" program along with the new "Called to be the Church" program. 

  • Mission & Service Bequest Giving 2015 – Annual bequest giving from wills and other planned giving to Mission & Service varies from year to year based mostly upon the size of the largest gifts received in any one year. After a relatively low 2014, 2015 reverted to past average levels at $2.1 million. 

  • Mission & Service Annual and Bequest Giving in Total 2015 - combined, the annual and bequest giving to Mission & Service had a increase of $0.49M over 2014.
(It is important to note that the above giving occurred in a year of unprecedented generosity to the Syrian refugee crisis. This enormous generosity included $0.9M given through the emergency fund to support Syrian Refugees in Camps, plus over $8M raised by congregations for refugee resettlement in their communities.)

What a year of generosity in giving to the Mission & Service of the church to carry out God's work! 

    National Reports -  2015
    Brunswick Street Mission worked with this couple to find housing. Six months later, he is working, and she is completing school. Our gifts for Mission & Service bring real hope to life.

    Our gifts for Mission & Service in 2015 supported 101 United Church global partners in 24 countries and 4 overseas personnel in two countries; community and justice work across Canada including 73 community ministries, 38 chaplaincies and 21 ecumenical advocacy and interfaith organisations; theological education and ministry support at seven theological schools and two education centres; faith formation and developing leadership for broad ministry; leadership in all 13 Conferences; and grants for 86 congregations for their ongoing ministry or transition.

    Together, we support ongoing ministries and sustain trusted partnerships for the healing of God's world.

    1. 2015 Mission & Service  National Final Report    view / download »
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    Pastoral Charge Reports -  2015

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    13. All Native Circle Conference    view / download » 

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